I just want to thank Lilly Ghalichi and her team over at Lillylashes.com for sending me these goodies to review. I didn’t think I was going to get a response back from them when I asked to do a product review of their favorite products but I did, and that’s what I love about her company. This just shows you guys if you have a small following like I do…NEVER GIVE UP! A company might just send you some products to try out and give you a chance like Lillylashes.com did and I thank you guys very much.

Glam Eyelash Curler – Click Here
Lash Scissors – Click Here
Lash Applicator – Click Here
3D Mink Lashes style Syndey – Click Here
3D Mink Lashes Style Mykonos – Click Here
3D Mink Lashes Style Miami – Click Here

Pros: The packaging is definitely glam and looks great with all the rest of your makeup storage lol. The lash band are easy to frame your eye and easy to bend. If you take care of them they can be worn up to 30-35 times. The tools are very convenient when it comes to cutting the lashes, storing the lashes, and using a lash applicator to put lashes on.
Cons: I honestly have nothing negative to say about these awesome products. If you think these are pricey or out of budget just follow their social media when they are doing 20%-30% off sales to try one of their products out.


I want to show everyone how to properly put on false lashes on step by step if you are a beginner. Let’s get started! I will be using Lillylashes in style “Sydney“.

Step 1 – (optional) Since I am not doing a daytime look this is more of evening look you want to add eyeliner or smokey shadow above your lash line to blend in with applying your false lash on. You want to take your eyelash curler and press on it 3 or 4 times.

Step 2 – Every eye shape is different so you want to take the lash and measure to see if it fits onto your eye. Usually if the lash is to big you want to cut only the outer lash until you get it to frame your eye shape. Since I am using style “Sydney” I did cut the inner lash in my preference because I like to start my lash 2/4 to give that winged cat eye shape. I used lash scissors tool to cut my lashes and very convenient to bring when traveling.

Step 3 – (optional) Apply your favorite mascara before putting your lashes on to save the long wear on your lashes. Another good option is after placing your false lashes and if made you made a mistake to where the lash has a little gap from your lash line you can use your mascara to blend into the false lashes.

Step 4 – Apply your favorite adhesive glue onto your lash band and wait for it to get tacky. Once you see the glue to start to get tacky, You can use your fingers to put the lashes on if you are used to that or then want to take your lash applicator/tweezers and place it onto your lash line. Press down with your fingers or with the end of lash applicator to secure the lash in place. Wait for the adhesive to completely dry on your lash line and then go over with liner to hide any adhesive or fix your lash line.

Are they GlamSoLovely? YES they are! Glam sha bam and so loving these Sydney lashes. Miami are very flirty. Can’t wait to to rock Mykonos soon.  Here are the final results.

Also check out Lilly’s tutorial on how to apply lashes as well on Youtube. Be sure to subscribe to her channel if you haven’t.


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