Due to popular demand I always get emails asking me where do I get my human hair wigs from and I wanted to share with you one of the companies I shop from which is premiumlacewig.com. I’ve been getting custom made wigs with this company since 2011 and always get great quality human hair wigs from them. The wig I am going to review below is a custom lace wig I got in April 2018 but did take about 1 month and 1 week to make because it was a special color for them to create using their highest grade quality hair to dye it so it wouldn’t broken/damaged hair. Now the type of wigs I usually get from this company is called “lace front wig” meaning lace only in the front section of the wig and in the back is the machine factory weft cap in the back with adjustable straps. I find it easier for me to work with because I like to switch my looks up and don’t sleep in my wigs so I don’t get full lace wigs. This company does offer that if that’s your preference. I usually never bond/glue my wigs onto my head because it shortens the life span of the lace on the wig and also gets very messy to each is own. I usually bobby pin the front of the wig and stays in place with the adjustable straps in the back.

Here is what is comes in the box:

What I like to do with my lace front wigs is make my signature parting usually on the side and wet it to make the parting flat. If it still looks bulky at top I usually use a flat iron to make my parting as flat as possible. Inside of the wig on the lace section I like to put foundation or concealer on the parting to make it give more of a realistic look “coming out of the scalp”.

I ordered natural straight hair and really enjoy it but those of you who know me know I love big hair. I decided to make some big curls because I love lion big hair see the difference?..LOL.

Specs of my custom wig:
Hair weight: 326grams (the weight of hair and thickness of hair)
220% heavy thick density meaning nothing but full thick hair from top to bottom
6 inch lace front free style parting like the image. ( please make sure 6 inches lace) 13×6 lace front.
light brown swiss lace and brown cap with adjustable in the back like image
no baby hair
no combs
double bleached knots
round natural hair line
26 inches straight
100% indian remy 10A grade hair best
1/2 inch root of color #2 then color purple
natural straight
UPS shipping
Payment paypal
Head measurements 23”, 15.5′,’ 13”, 13”, 16”, 5” – (if you don’t know what your head measurements are you can google how to measure your head with a measuring tape. Really RECOMMENDED)

Pros: I love the packaging. Included with my wig was instructions how to take care of your hair, wig cap, bobby pins to hold your hair down on your head, and a cute cosmetic bag in the box. I love how my custom wig came out. Nice color, nice length, and nice dark brown swiss lace, and construction of the wig cap was done nicely.  Their shipping was UPS 3 day shipping so that was a plus for me after waiting 1 month for it I wanted to make sure I get my hair ASAP! You know me I am very impatient person lol.
Cons: 1.I specifically asked them in my custom order do NOT give me baby hairs and they still did by mistake. I feel when someone wants a custom order it has to be up to par with what the customer is asking for. 2. I also did not ask or like the lace wig being pre-plucked. Now some people love pre-plucked hairline for more natural invisible look but I like to do that style my own way because everyone head shape and style is different and since this is custom it needed to be my way no pre-pluck included just a natural hairline.  3. Shipping can take between 15 days- 1 month to make from China depending on the color and style you are looking for but I feel pink, blue, and purple are the new trending colors for human hair. They should consider making more vibrant colors into a 15 day custom wig order with the natural hair process order request instead of waiting 1 month.

Disclaimer: Everything in this blog is strictly my knowledge and my opinions on this company. In no way was I sponsored or this was a “free” wig for me to review. Everything you see was purchased from me with this company. I am just sharing one of the companies where I shop to get my custom wigs from and my experiences with them.


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