This video was a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to repair/color the red bottom of your heels! I usually do this method whenever I am going doing a photoshoot or going to a event and don’t mind doing this time to time, we all know the red will come off but what a cheap way to repair them and bring them back to life. I’ve included a bonus video to give any heel you want a pop of red on your soles and look stylish. Check it out hope you guys like and subscribe and have fun divas!

Items you will need:
– A nail file or sand paper
– A makeup or art brush
– A small sponge brush for Acrylic Finisher..
– Angelus Walk On Red Sole Paint ..
– Angelus High Gloss Acrylic Finisher..

Alternative items:
– Oracal 651 Red sticker role..
– Color Sole Kit ..

I ended up going with the paint method because I am used to touching up my red bottoms for whenever I go to events or do photoshoots and like to keep them looking fabulous. It’s honestly simple and easy to do just 3 steps!

Step 1: I am using a nail file to file down my heels to remove bumps, grooves, and trying to make a flat smooth surface so when I apply the paint it will be easy to be put on the sole of the heel. You can also use a sand paper as well but since I did not have that around me at the time I used a nail filer and it worked great.

Step 2: Once you filed down your heel it’s time to paint! Take your time with small strokes and small taps to make sure you get into the cracks of the heel and blend like doing makeup. Some people like to place another coat right after it finishes because it does dry fast but in my opinion mine was little streaky so I went ahead and placed 2 coats and waited 30 minutes to add another 2 coats. By the 4th coat you should have your match desired red bottom but if you want to be on the safe side like me go ahead and add 2 more coats giving it a total of 6 coats on that sole bam! I usually then let heel dry for a good 2-4 hrs hanging off the edge of the shoe box a photo below is a example.

Step 3: Once the paint has fully dried you can go ahead and use either a sponge brush or a makeup/art brush to add on your acrylic finisher. I went ahead and cleaned my makeup brush and just used that to add the finished look on the red paint I applied on the sole of the heel. I let that dry for 30 minutes and added one more coat to give it that shine.

Your all done! just 3 easy simple steps on how to repair, touch up, an also add red to your heels. Here is what the finished product looks like.

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