Allot of people ask me what I do with my real hair to keep it healthy after bleaching it so much and the answer is this treatment “Brazilian keratin treatment”. This treatment has helped my hair allot from getting more damage than it already is from me always bleaching my hair time to time. That’s why most of the time I wear human hair wigs so I can avoid bleaching my hair so much but sometimes I want to go out natural with my real hair. Now this treatment cannot be done alone so make sure you have your hair stylist do it or have someone who does hair to do it for you because you want to make sure that the treatment is being done properly so you get your treatment full result. After the treatment has been placed and done in your hair you don’t want to tie it, wet, or give any curl to it for 72hrs because the treatment needs to set into the hair. If anything does happen if you wet it flat iron it asap. After the 72hrs you can wash it and go back to hair product routine as you would but stick with sulfate shampoo for lasting results. Here are some directions on the photo below or click the youtube to do the step by step process but I am sure when you purchase the keratin treatment it will come with directions.

So what this treatment does: The Brazilian Keratin Treatment System is a technique used to gain silky straight hair at a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time. The treatment takes approximately two hours to complete, delivering frizz-less, straight hair. This intensive conditioning remedy restores vitality by repairing the hair from the inside out. Brazilian Keratin Treatment System may be used on most types of hair, from curly and frizzy hair types to highlighted, relaxed and colored hair.

There is also a youtube step by step on using this product and help you getting your treatment done at

If you have thin hair this definitely will not work for you. I find this treatment to work well with dyed, coarse, frizzy, thick hair and though it may make the hair light and make the hair flat it does the job for me. The treatment usually last in my hair around 3 months before I have to do another treatment. It’s not a perm/relaxer it’s just a treatment to make the hair frizz-less and more straighter. It used to take me 1hr. 30min for me to blow dry and flat iron my hair but with the treatment I can have my hair done less than 45 minutes. As you can see in the before and after photos that the treatment does help my hair allot. I like to have my hair straight allot so this treatment works well for me and less of a hassle because without this treatment my hair is very yaki/thick/coarse and to much to do I just can’t lol. I’m glad I came around this product and if you have the same issue then a Keratin treatment is what you should try. I been doing these treatments in my hair for 2 years and never came across any issue or complications but definitely check the ingredients make sure you aren’t allergic to anything but just want to share my experience with you ladies since I am always asked how to keep my hair healthy, straight, and manageable.

If you want to try this product out for at home use you can get the small 4.oz version at

If you are a professional hair stylist I would recommend getting the bigger bottle like my hair stylist got for me that way you can get more treatments done to your hair.

Full size bottle can also be purchased at Amazon at

Pros: Leaves you with silky straight hair, more manageable in styling, less to no frizz at all during treatment, and last 3-5 months.
Cons: Expensive, Trying to maintain the treatment in hair for 72hrs without tying it and getting it wet/sweating.

REMEMBER this is my review and opinions on these products that worked best for me but might not work for you. But if you do have thick, coarse, damaged/dyed, extra frizzy hair this product will help your hair out like it did mine you can see from the images. I hope you enjoyed reading this review and also if you do purchase and try this product out please let me know love to hear your experience and see the results.


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