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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT BASHING the company or HATING the company I am just speaking my own experience and issue I have with these people so beware on who you shop with online ( So everything I said in this post will be THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH AND YOU SHALL BE EXPOSED!

I am not the one to complain or be mad about anything but this company was very unfair and just didn’t care about the situation and I will learn my lesson from now on. People take note and always know when shopping on websites that have the hottest styles, and fashions you want to make sure they are from USA/CANADA/U.K. and not China. This company did not want to refund me the money and refused to pay for return because I wasn’t going to pay for return since I am from the USA & they are from China international shipping cost about $130-$160 to ship and the boots I placed was $150 so I would’ve gotten $20 profit back for something that didn’t fit or just didn’t want thats stupid.

My experience/issue: I bought a pair of wedge boots from knowing since they are from china that sizing does run small so go a size up with them so I have a perfect fit. I got my package in 2 weeks and was really excited about them. I tried to put them on but since they were a pull up boot the ankle part just wouldn’t go up like if you had to have a stick figure leg to slip your foot into them. So since that was a issue I was like ok back in package called dhl to come pick up package and return to sender for this issue. DHL took the package that same day and thinking they was going to return to sender they didn’t. I e-mailed choies letting them I am returning the package back because they didn’t fit so then they e-mail me back with a offering here is a printscreen of what they said and I GAGGED. I obviously declined their offer and they said that was fine they when they got the item they was going to refund me the money for the issue which states in the e-mail as well. So I’m here thinking as a “big” company you would handle issues like this and pay for return and take $15 off return because of the issue which is how it’s done in the USA but no they didn’t care they had the money and CHINA is all about their money.

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About 20 days later I e-mail since they don’t have a toll free number which I should’ve known red flag there if no number and everything through e-mail that is not good business at all. I was here thinking why would I have to sell a item that doesn’t fit and I don’t want you as a company should handle this but obviously they didn’t care about the issue and wanted their money. So e-mailed me back saying they never got the package they said it was still with DHL so I ended up calling DHL and it was sitting there that whole 20 days without returning it back to them so I kindly asked if I could ship it since didn’t want to but they said international shipping was $130 and I was like no thanks because the boots are $150 if I ship back thats only $20 profit I’m getting back which I lost my money and can’t wear the boots which was so unfair and the honest truth why as a big company you can’t handle this & it’s a damn shame. So I had DHL ship me back the unfit boots because they said refused to pay for shipping like jerks they are and I surely wasn’t going to pay that big shipping so I lost $150 and I’m over it. If I sell them on ebay they will maybe go for $75-100 depending if you have a skinny ankle/leg because I don’t know if if I had big ankle or calfs shit just wasn’t going up my leg for me. I don’t want someone to have a frustrated experience like I had. Overall I will NOT EVER do business with this company and if you like them or choose to shop for them go ahead but good luck with returning items or trying to get your money because you won’t or you will but only getting 10% of your profit back THANKS for this experience this is my HONEST REVIEW and my opinions when shopping outside of countries be prepared:

-If there is a toll free number or not
-If they willing to pay for return if something wrong or doesn’t fit
-If buying outside your country worth it
-If they want you to be a returning costumer
-google companies name to see if anyone had bad experiences with them

Hope this blog/review helps someone out there on their future international experience or comes across bad experience with this company


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