News & Updates — 17 September 2014

glamjourneyHello everyone and welcome to my website I am very excited to be breaking out of my shell and doing what I love to do finally at age 27 and your probably thinking like damn why so long well that’s because of “insecurities” of myself I wouldn’t step out to the big world and couldn’t handle what anyone said of me but now I said F*ck it this is my talent and it’s my time to shine. I will be showing off my talent and what I love to do which is modeling, being a new makeup artist, and beauty tips/fashion for all four seasons are you ready for the glam sha bam LOL!?!

I been modeling for quite some time now so I have experience in that but my blog/website is more going to be for my talent which is makeup. I LOVE MAKEUP! I graduated recently Sept. 30th from Marinello Beauty School. I learned so much and glad I did it and now I’m a professional freelance makeup artist and soon to be working for models, luxury name brand makeup counters, and many more offerings as I get better. My journey begins this month of October so I’m prepared got my makeup kit, business cards, portfolio, and the lashes to make you feel glam 😉


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